Our Services


Precision agriculture is a key aspect of modern farming. It promotes the analysis of in-field variability to manage operations with the ultimate goal of optimising returns while preserving resources. Our aerial data solutions are designed to complement precision farming techniques, enabling farmers and agronomists to make informed and astute management decisions.

We believe that drone-based inspection services for the agricultural sector should be a straightforward and cost-attractive option for our customers. Therefore we have dedicated our efforts to create a simple, streamlined booking process for our customers, along with concise, data rich, analytical reports.

When using agriVue to perform an inspection service the first step will be to use our online site selection tool. This enables you to highlight the precise area(s) of your property that you wish to have surveyed. We will then contact you with a no obligation quote.

We appreciate that timely information is important to our customers and we pride ourselves on a quick and efficient turnaround time. Our reports are often with clients within 2 days of the drone flight. This, in addition to the low-cost for our services, means agriVue drones can be used frequently as an in-season management tool. We believe that by using low-cost, precise aerial data clients will be able to increase profit margins through the enhanced input management that our drones facilitate.

See below for our current list of services:

Black-grass Mapping

An advanced ‘multi spectral’ sensor pack fitted to an agriVue UAV is used to capture images of target fields. The imagery is then processed and analysed in order to map the location and extent of black-grass populations within each field. Colour-coded maps are produced to identify black-grass and differentiate the varying plant population in each field. Our customers are able to use these maps to formulate an appropriate black-grass strategy and target operations and chemicals in order to deal with the problem efficiently.

Nutrition Planning

An agriVue drone is used to take NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) images of a selected area. These images are then processed to create important data regarding, for example, crop maturity and foliar discolouration. Our expert analysis then quantifies variations within the crop, precisely highlighting issues such as stress, weeds, and senescence. This analysis enables the customer to make astute in-season decisions relating to making targeted inputs in order to achieve maximum yields and efficiency.

Drainage and Compaction Surveys

An agriVue drone survey will give an insight into potential productivity through, for example, identifying areas of poor drainage or ground compaction.

agriVue drones fly over the selected fields and collect images in ‘traditional’ (i.e. RGB) and thermal formats. We then analyse the imagery to differentiate the areas that show high levels of moisture, both above and below ground. The traditional imagery also provides an aerial view of each field that helps to highlight variance in crops.

The farmer receives a report highlighting soil moisture content and topography across the selected fields. Using these maps the farmer is able make a fully informed decision about the areas where he needs to improve drainage. In addition, the images will help to inform the farmer of where tractors may be causing unnecessary compaction enabling targeted alleviation.