Special Projects


Working closely with the telecoms industry, we are able to perform highly accurate surveys for either physical structures (e.g. masts, towers) or radio performance (e.g. line of sight surveys, radiation surveys). Captured imagery and data is processed to produce, for example, accurate ‘earth cut’ and 3D maps for analysis.

Emergency Services

Operated by experts who are able to work closely with the emergency services, our drones can help provide Situational Awareness (SA) to the personnel on the ground that are trying to deal with a difficult situation. The imagery is high quality and can be used as evidence if required.

This extra reach gives the emergency services another tool for carrying out dynamic risk assessments ahead of committing themselves to difficult or dangerous situations. 3D models are also created which can serve to preserve accident site layouts, positions and measurements. Such methods are already being employed by State level accident investigation agencies around the world.


An ‘eye in the sky’ provides a new level of security for your property and assets. Being able to deploy our systems quickly and over large areas, we can provide a reactionary response or a proactive deterrent. Our tethered systems can create a permanent aerial presence in remote areas for as long as you wish. Providing either recorded imagery or a live video feed, we can automatically notify other agencies in the event of a breach or an alert.

Survey & Inspection

Surveying and inspecting of tall structures such as masts, chimneys, roofs or even solar panels is now safe and precise. A drone can be used to mitigate the risks associated with working at height and can provide clear maintenance imagery for your records. Hazardous or restricted areas that may be suitable for drone operations includes:

  • Chemical sites
  • Nuclear sites
  • Offshore/Marine/Coastal
  • Mining/Quarries
  • Industrial plants
  • Construction sites
  • Military training areas

Mapping & Photography

Covering huge areas of land in a matter of minutes, a drone will provide you with up-to- date mapping imagery of your real estate or property. This imagery can be processed into a 3D model which, through photogrammetry, can enable accurate measurement and volume capture – ideal for quarries, farms, estates and large infrastructure projects.

Wildlife & Conservation

Utilising thermal and multi-spectral cameras similar to those we use in our agriculture applications, we are able to monitor wildlife (deer, for example), river or coastal erosion, and even capture areas of significant change in woodland canopies and wild heathland or meadow.


Using thermal, electro-optical or multi-spectral cameras, we can quickly survey sites of interest. Identifying ground marks from the air, we can geo-tag any area of interest for further exploration and even create 3 D model records of the site as you excavate.

Professional photography – special occasions and promotional events:

Our drones will capture a special occasion or event with crisp and precise HD still imagery or stunning ultra-high definition 4K video. Able to capture the scene from vantage points only reached by versatile and agile camera systems such as ours, that special event or point of interest will be captured in all its glory:

  • Sports events
  • Music festivals
  • Estate agency support